That Which Adorns Becomes Adorned. 2021.

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Art Direction and Set Design by Nina Oswald. Photography by Kate Lee. “We use flowers to adorn spaces but what happens when we adorn that which adorns? This still life project is an exploration of how an already beautiful object is physically altered as it becomes “embellished” in wax. What happens when we try to make the already beautiful, more beautiful? In the end, is it still considered beautiful? Is less more or is more?”

Art Direction and Set Design by Nina Oswald / / Instagram: @ninamarlena

Nina is a freelance creative working on the execution of aesthetic projects in Berlin, and worldwide. Her work aims to create visually curious atmospheres within the realms of Set Design, Interiors, Installation, Events and Prop Styling. Her projects exhibit exceptional attention to detail and creative storytelling through carefully considered design elements.

Photography by Kate Lee / / Instagram: @ekaterinalee

Kate is a still life photographer based in Berlin. She was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. Her work is inspired by minimalism, nature and geometric forms.