The 8th House by Andrea Galad

Andrea Galad is an Italian artist based in Berlin. Galad is currently studying his personal birth horoscope with the intent of represent with photographic series, all of his features stated by the stars at the moment of his birth. It is a journey to understand himself and bringing all of his dark sides to the surface, sides that Galad don’t understand and that often he is afraid of; it’s a way to exorcise his own monsters and learn to tame them. The 8th house, is a serie about the house of Death, that appears constantly in Galad’s horoscope.

The 8th House
I am a good boy.
I prefer reading classics instead of clubbing ;
I’m afraid of butterflies, I still watch Disney movies even if I’m 28 and
I’ve studied in a dance academy ;
I am extremely romantic and naive enough to believe in fairies.
I don’t take drugs, I don’t drink alcohol but sometimes I like the feeling of smoking
I am a kind and quiet person.
My last boyfriend started to sell and take cocaine at 14, he has been in jail cause he
almost killed a man with his bare hands, and he was into worshipping Satan;
the boyfriend I had before he was a suicidal, self destructive, extremely addicted to
cocaine, with arms and legs full of cuts; the one before had a borderline disorder and
the one before him was a sociopath who hurt, insulted, humiliated me with such
naturalness just because he was curios to see my reactions;
I involuntarily started to collect toxic lovers six years ago.
None of them were in love with me, but I was, truly, deeply in love, always able to
understand everything and let them go every time I reached the breaking point; all the
relationship I had always ended in the same way, with me alone with a smashed heart
and a big question in my head: ” what’s wrong with me? “.
I don’t like drama, I don’t hate myself, I don’t feel I have to save anybody and I have
an average and happy relationship with my parents.
Everything always simply went wrong.
I’ve learnt important things though: I’ve learnt that Love is only for the luckiest, and
that the only monsters here are drugs, ignorance and mental disorders; then I’ve
realized that we don’t have to thank for the pain we suffered, even if at the end it
turned out good; pain is pain and it always Sucks.
The fact here, is that I’ve never understood why I fall in love with such desperate
cases, and I have to find a meaning, even because my health now start to crumble and
I’m still not sure if my heart beats properly anymore.
Unrequited love is the biggest joke universe can gift us, there are no solutions, you just
have to accept it and try to carry on..
Trying to find a meaning i felt deep down into astrology, being very skeptical at the
beginning, my soul found peace when i discovered that at the moment of my birth
Venus was placed inside the 8th House.
Here’s what it said:
“ Venus in the 8th house penetrates into a deeper level of relating than most people,
and there is a fascination with the darker aspects of the psyche, drawing them towards
deep sexual partners. The individual may also be fond of throwing the other into
emotional turbulence and will enjoy the powerful hypnotic influence over lovers. The
person needs to know they can bring about change in others and may be drawn into
power-struggles and destructive relationships.
Venus in this position moves through the various highs and lows of emotions from
ecstasy to feeling despairing, but what they don’t want to feel is a sense of mediocrity.
When Venus is colored in a darker palette there exists a need to love in extremes to
satisfy their essential love nature. A partner must have the emotional depth they crave,
and there must be something irresistible below the surface that doesn’t always feel
safe, and sometimes this means being pulled towards complicated lovers. Often these
relationships tend to plunge them into crises, and only then does it feel deep and
meaningful. Along with this is a powerful sense of fate running the show, and many
relationships bring a great test of loyalty, and perhaps even some loss or immense
struggle. An individual with Venus in the 8th house usually demands a high level of
commitment from both personal and business partners. When Venus is in this position
the individual can love with all-consuming, total devotion and expect the same from a
partner. Casual and light relationships hold no appeal. Venus is drawn to the
unconscious side of relationships but is attracted to deeper and dangerous levels of
engagement. They crave intense, deep, emotional relationships, and would even
prefer a stormy, tumultuous relationship to one which is smooth but lacking in
depth. Venus in the house of transformation will always bring an element of life-death
and rebirth into the arena of intimate relationships, and all aspects of love have the
potential for psychological change. Moreover, Love can be the magic potion that will
change their inner values forever. “


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