The Altar! Photography by Xander Hirsh

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Model is Tomasz Kirsch. Photography by Xander Hirsh. „The Altar” is semi-inspired by post-mortem photography but also by classicistic’s nude male paintings. “It was shot on 35mm old analogue camera and due to that it has this unique, grainy aesthetic which I fell in love lately. For styling I used only flowers and white underwear.”

Model is Tomasz Kirsch / Instagram: @_autodestrukcja_
Photography by Xander Hirsh / / Instagram: @xander_hirsh

As he says about his own works, his photographs are a combination of romanticism and hopelessness. His models are often sad, thoughtful and reflective, often self-destructive, torn by existential problems, or even on the verge of suicide. In addition to important themes concerning existence, there are also many images in his work that reflect the beauty of the human body, characteristic portraits and acts with flowers, as well as high-fashion photographs. Xander likes naturalness – he does not use much graphic processing or unnecessary post-production effects. What counts is the climate and a good cadres which defends themselves even in austere form.



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