The Aria blazer by BOGGI MILANO: deconstructed, light and crease-resistant

The Aria blazer by Boggi Milano is an incredibly light jacket. When you are wearing it, it feels more like a shirt than a jacket, at least in terms of weight. Made in a fulled S’130 wool fabric by Italian wool company Reda, it is a good expression of the latest developments in textile research. The Aria blazer weighs about a third of a conventional jacket, a result that is achieved in part by the prodigiously low unit fabric weight, and in part by its tailoring, with unstructured shoulders, and the absence of any patches or lining elements.

Always impeccable

In addition to lightness, it is hallmarked by a high crease-resistance. A jacket usually suffers considerably when it is folded and packed into a suitcase. The Aria blazer, on the other hand, can be taken out of the case and put on straight away, with impeccable crease-free surfaces..

The new elegance

The fabric patterns express the same vocation for combining tradition and contemporary style. They recall classic English-inspiration formats, such as Vichy and Madras, reinterpreted in light, bright colours, with tones of light, mid and navy blue, vintage pink, red, Bordeaux, grey and ice. Designed in a comfortable Regular Fit, the blazer is perfect for mid-season and can be paired with a whole range of outfits, from the shirt, tie and chinos, to jeans and polo. It is an example of the new contemporary elegance based on a harmonious fusion of contrasts: a perfectly-calibrated combination of classical tailoring, as can be seen in the detailing and the very high quality of the garment, with the spirit of our age, which requires men to be multi-tasking and ready for anything.