The beautiful ones by Timo Heuer

Timo Heuer uses a variety of mediums for his artistic messages: From photography, paintings to poetry. He picked up his first camera about 20 years ago, but has just started taking pictures of people.

“The Beautiful Ones is quintessential for how I find my inspiration. It is primarily inspired by British band Suede’s song The Beautiful Ones, which refers to an experiment with mice called Mice Universe 25. It showed a collapse in behavior as a result of overcrowding. I wanted to use this as a metaphor for our urban modern life characterized by repeating patterns, alienation and loneliness. Later I saw Jacob Bellens’ video for Untouchable, which is completely unrelated from the content, but I loved the visualization and I knew this was the aesthetics I wanted for the series.

A couple of weeks later, I shot with Marie and Moritz in one of Hamburg‘s industrial areas.”