The Beginning by Sonni Rossi and Megan McClelland

Its our pleasure to introduce you to the work of Sonni Rossi & Megan McClelland. Sonni Rossi is an artist specializing in film and video, with an interest in photography and redundant media. He uses these media forms along with contemporary subject matters, in order to create works that feel disjointed yet address issues personal to him. Megan McClelland is a freelance writer and Los Angelino experimenting within film. Inspired by Poetry & French Cinema, she combines aesthetics with storytelling.

‘The Beginning’ is a poetic manifesto to young love & spontaneous adventure. An ode to free spirited youth,  the film takes you on the journey of a young women on her voyage to Los Angeles with a newly made friend.

“We want to bring the audience on the journey with the two characters, sharing the intimate moments and  excitement. From hitchhiking to aerial views to close up smiles, we wanted to showcase the two losing them-selves in a visual feast but experimenting with super 8 and a voyeuristic style to leave the viewer feeling like  they’re apart of the trip.”

The film is currently in Santa Cruz, Earls Court & New Jersey International Film Festivals.

Sonni Rossi – Director
Megan McClelland – Co Director
Sound Design & Score by Dylan Van Der Molen (Royal Bredin). @vandersviii
Mix & Mastered by G Singh.