The Boy over the Valentino Jr. Pier by Raouf Marzouki

A KALTBLUT exclusive. This time Raouf Marzouki teamed up with model Evan Miller and with stylist Olives for this stunning editorial. Evan Miller happens to live in Red Hook, Brooklyn near Marzouki’s favorite place to watch the sunset, Valentino Jr. Pier. Hence, the location of their shoot and the boy simply became the theme of this story.


Vintage YSL
Vintage CK jeans

“What impresses me about Evan is that even for a young age he isn’t afraid to ask what he wants and he is a very smart and honest young man. I am really impressed by how dedicated he is toward his passions, even outside of a modelling career. He is extremely good at following direction and understands how to work the camera and work the best angles plus he has incredibly good emotional depth.””

Vintage Comme Des Garcons
Vintage Yohji Yamamoto
Vintage Calvin Klein
Vintage Gianni Versace


Photographer is Raouf marzouki – Instagram:
Model is Evan Miller Instagram: @evanmiller_
Styling by Olives Instagram: @olives_very_vintage