The boys by Claudia Greco

Claudia Greco is a Berlin based dancer and self taught photographer. Inspired by the sparkling stage lights and the dramatic shadows of the back stage area , her focus in photography lies into the aesthetics and the dynamics of the theater language and the moment where all his imperfections and excesses rise into fashion.

“With the project “the Boys” Claudia Greco captured her colleagues and friends dancers: Michael John Harper, Lukas Bönninghausen and Lorenzo Soragni with the intention to portray the armonious bond and the natural connection we build by dancing together … Allowing physicality and touch to rise naturally and with unprejudiced beauty.”

Photography and styling by Claudia Greco, Instagram: @claudiagrecophotography
Models are: MJ Harper,  Instagram:@bambibabybob / Lukas Bönninghausen, Instagram: @lukas_boe / Lorenzo Soragni, Instagram: @sora87l