The Boys Timeline

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Travelling in time through decades, while exploring different facets of masculinity and challenging its code, in style. Photography by Loïc Rodrigues, assisted by Emma Da Silva. Models are Kelegh Moutome & Laro Serresse. Make up by Ines Mercure Perrot. Styled by Liam Derouiche.

An editorial around men’s fashion throughout the years between the 70s and the 90s. The idea was to challenge certain masculinity codes that were pretty dominant during those times.

Photography by Loïc Rodrigues / Instagram: @kraaps__
assisted by Emma Da Silva / Instagram: @eds.picture
Styled by Liam Derouiche / Instagram: @commedesjoliesgarces
Models are Kelegh Moutome & Laro Serresse / Instagram: @kelegh_moutome & @laro.jr
Make up by Ines Mercure Perrot / Instagram: @mercimercure

Brands: Weisheng Paris / Gregory Assad / Outrage Paris / Maison Mourcel / Imannoor / Tereza Rosalie Kladosova / Carre Y / Nycto / La Mome Bijou

Instagram Brands: @weishengparis / @gregoryassadofficial / / @maison.mourcel / @imannoor / @terezarosaliekladosova / @carreyparis / / @lamomebijou