The Polaroid

KALTBLUT presents: The Polaroid – a casting session. By Berlin based photographer Daniel M. Schmude. “These polaroids have emerged as a by-product during a casting for a fashion editorial. Normally they are only for testing, but I noticed that shooting with Polaroids has an unusual moment of the uncontrolled. Me and also the model had a brief moment of uncertainty, not to have been properly prepared, after the release. Through digital photography, we have lost the feeling of uncertainty and rely on us to be able to shoot the image repeatedly. But Polaroid is a one-shoot only. But just this moment, this second, is a special one.” Follow his work at

My works capture the images that fascinate and inspire me and allows me to share them with others. Of my varying interests, I am most fascinated by the human body– the varieties, aesthetics and its expressiveness. When I look at people on the street or in the train, I look at their different characteristics, and imagine how I would photograph them. Everyone has an interesting story (which can be told in body language); each human form has its own aesthetic beauty. The naked body allows me to take an honest look at a person. Stripped away of clothes what remains is pure, a true representation. Each line, contour, wrinkle, scar has a story and is itself a story. Identity and sexuality are issues that concern me. I consider photography as visual storytelling; therefore, I have always sought to capture those who still struggle for a voice, for representation.
Photography is not about perfection: imperfections make interesting images