The Dog’s Notes by Poren Huang

Poren Huang depicts dog as an embodiment of sincerity, loyalty and enthusiasm, qualities often found lacking in people lost in a 21st century world of economic abundance. The Dog’s Notes is an exploration over 10 years of viewing dogs as a role model for, and inspiration to, their human companions.

Absorbing It All, Bronze 150x55x85cm, 2005
Ch, Bronze Stainless Steel Gold Foil, 81x22x26cm, 2015
Ch, Bronze Stainless Steel Gold Foil, 81x22x26cm, 2015
Every Day Is A New Start, Bronze Gold Foil, 38x23x30cm, 2007

I create “The Dog’s Notes” with the expectation for myself and other people to bring the spirit of “The Dog’s Notes” into full play and to live life with a positive attitude.

With an active, loyal and brave heart to defend our loved ones and work, we should always face various challenges with confidence and courage while maintaining a joyful, contented heart.
Since the beginning of human civilization, the relationship between humans and dogs are inseparable. In order to live with humans, dogs have long been socialized to become highly humanized. Dogs have many excellent qualities, but humans seldom learn from their best companion.

My Territory 3, Bronze, 100x80x150cm, 2007

The rapid human economic and technological development after World War II has brought better quality of life but deterioration of moral values. People easily become enemies with their loved ones for self interests. In addition, people’s tolerance to stress has become weak. The number of people with depression, manic depression or mental instability has increased, and most of them are with no shortage of wealth.

They are far less happy and content with life than people in poverty or war.
Everybody works hard his/her entire life to make him/herself better. Let us be content easily, like dogs. Let us be pure, confident, humorous, and joyful, so that our lives will shine positive light every day.

Friends,Bronze Baking Paint, 31x22x36cm, 2008
Gimme A Hug, Bronze, 148x177x176cm, 2007
Hello, Bronze, 21x12x26cm, 2014
Home, Bronze, 27x10x15cm, 2005
I’m Not Happy Now, Bronze, 48x20x32cm, 2005
The Cowman, Bronze Gold Foil, 33x42x52cm, 2007



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