The Dorian Gray of Our Time

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Ukraine, Kharkiv. Creative direction and styling by Kseniya Rain. Photography by Panina Olga. Model is Oleg Gulida. Makeup Artist is Rybachuk Marina.

“I really love to create creative fashion stories with meaning. I mix classical literature and fashion in my works. I am interested in telling a story using visual frames in my own interpretation. This story was about Dorian Gray, as a collective image of all those who, in pursuit of the outside, have lost their inner fulfillment.

The Dorian Gray of Our Time: Reflected on the authenticity of external beauty, how the eternal, the soul, is sacrificed for the sake of short-term success. Problems: narcissism, pursuit of the approval of others.” *Kseniya Rain

Creative direction and styling by Kseniya Rain @ksenyarain
Photography by Panina Olga @twenvo_photo
Makeup Artist is Rybachuk Marina
Model is Oleg Gulida @_olewan_

Fashion by Zara and Vintage items