The Emperor’s Dress

A KALTBLUT exclusive by Miranda Marquez. With our Physical World constrained, our digital identity expands, making our presence in the social media and online spaces a central axis for our identities and moving cyber fashion from a limited utility creation media to a real option for designers and brands to keep creating and showcasing their art.

The Model and Multimedia artist Miranda Marquez explores the potential of this new way of creating fashion in collaboration with eight digital fashion designers and artists. This series of self-portraits bring her from her studio in a basement in locked-down Spain to places that we can now only visit with imagination, From a rooftop in Paris to the bottom of The Ocean, dressed in graphic generated garments that only exist on the images.

Photography & Art direction / Instagram: @miranda_marquez /

3D digital fashion artists:
Silver dress by Tribute Brand / Instagram: @tribute_brand /
Silver Coat by Regina Turbina / Instagram: @regina_turbina1 /
Yellow Latex Look by Nina Doll / Instagram: @Dollushka /
Yellow Portrait by Numosis / Instagram: @Numosis /
Space activewear look by Yagmur Oguz / Instagram: @yagmur0guz /
Mermaid look by Yifan Pu / Instagram: @light0green /
Flower Portrait by Di.ffi.cult studio / Instagram: @di.ffi.cult /
Metallic Jumpsuit by Rendooo / Instagram: @rendooo_lab /

Licensed in Multimedia Engineering, and with a wide experience in fashion as a model, Miranda Marquez is a multidisciplinary artist than explores the intersection between new technologies and fashion, proposing emergent tendencies like digital fashion or 3D printing as new approaches on fashion than could change our consumption paradigm.