The End of the Social Distancing by Victor Claramunt

“2m /6ft is recommended. Since I started making films, many people have asked me about the distance at which I place my talents in all my films. Now, in a quarantine state, I have decided to study it and show everyone, in a funny way, as it is not true that there is a social distance between them. In no time we are all together again. To do what we like the most!” says director Victor Claramunt about his new film. 

Writer/Director/Editor: Victor Claramunt
Music: La Gazza Ladra – Licensed
All films are directed by Victor Claramunt

Brands: Bibilou, North Sails, Armani, El Corte Inglés Haagen Dazs, Castrol, Longchamp, Roger Vivier, Gioseppo, Durex, Andrés Sardá Germaine de Capuccini, Peter Hahn…

Spanish director Victor Claramunt is celebrated for his clever, cinematic, award-winning fashion films.

Claramunt began his career as art director, sharpening his creative eye as a director of fashion films. There is a magical feel to everything he shoots. Each piece reflects his unique style – a love of Hollywood cinema and a smart mix of humor, surrealism, action, and drama. His impressive portfolio includes award-winning films for major brands, including including Giorgio Armani, Herbal Essences, Nespresso, Air France, Roger Vivier, LongChamp, Coca-Cola, El Corte Inglés, PlayStation, Sony Music, Adidas, Andres Sardá, Nestle… Claramunt has won the top 5 fashion film festivals, according to Forbes list, among which are La Jolla, Berlin FFF, London FFF, ASVOFF, Buenos Aires FFF…

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