The Ephemeral Beauty

Paris based accessoiries designer Qi HU teamed up with the architect Yuan JIANG who works for Atelier Jean Nouvel. They’ve done an interesting project which are the 3D printed headdress. And they won the competition Pinup 2014 – Jury Winner Shapes Future Award. Combining the know-how of their different professions, they worked together on this head gear with computer aided design and 3d printing fabrication. Its name is “The Ephemeral Beauty.

2The Ephemeral Beauty

Qi HU says: “This is my first work with 3D printing technology, a collaborative work with JIANG Yuan from “60 United Minds” design lab, who has worked for Atelier Jean Nouvel. We want to create an elegant and poetic art and make it feel light and elegant, like the breath over the hair or the cloud over the head. We tried so many things, we hope to avoid the intended and man-made crease, trying to achieve a silk-like effect. With some lace texture impression, we want to present the holistic translucence. 3D printing is the only simple way to bringing it from virtual to reality. And the result is satisfying. The moment when the model wear this headgear,  it was like that time has stopped and clouds flew over very slowly, but moving. Even for a few seconds, we hope that everyone could feel a piece of calmness.‍”

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Photography: Mark CHOI /  Xian WU
Make up: Zi Xuan HE
Models: Ying TUO

Qi HU / @Facebook