The Holy Sinners issue of NVRMIND paper is out!

NVRMIND paper №10 - Anniversary Issue

NVRMIND paper is an independent fanzine about art in all its embodiments. NVRMIND paper is not guided by the rules imposed by the outside world, it’s solely governed by it’s inner impulses. Being totally free of stereotypes and internet driven censorship is our statement.  NVRMIND paper peeps through a keyhole and doesn’t protect the seal of confession. It’s not ashamed of it, though.

A solely offline issue, NVRMIND paper gives you an opportunity to physically feel art, flit through the pages hearing sound of scratching paper.

The cover photo picturing two ‘unknown sinners’ by Dmitry Komissarenko.

10th issue is in English, includes pages with translation into Ukrainian. The newspaper copy is of 80 pages contains exclusive works by amazing photographers, artists and illustrators from Ukraine, Hungary, US. The issue contains interview-confessions with Artur Gaspar (Kazaky, The Great Gatsby Ballet), Ukrainian girl activist and singer Stasik, transgender girl Leona Fargo. As well as the author’s stories.

The manifesto of the issue is the right to be yourself and freedom of expression.

NVRMIND paper № 10 printed in limited 500 copies.

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