The Landscape of Emotion by Rozina Campara

Rozina Campara grew up learning she had to dress properly, not too much black, not to act out too much, don’t cry that fast, don’t be upset, smile more, don’t talk that loudly etc. And doing so, Campara grew up shrinking herself to the background. She feels too much and feels too deep. Rozina remembers every word of critique anybody ever said to her and that slowly formed the base of her identity today. Scared to ever show any of these criticisms again, Campara created a new stronger identity, who dares to do everything they didn’t want her to become. This identity is being represented by all subjects and situations Campara photographs. Model is Roos Ferrero. 

“I’ve created a tensed dialogue with model Roos Ferrero by photographic her completely
naked, and covered with yoghurt. Stripping away her identity and making it mine. The
lack of decor and styling makes the photographs focus purely on the expression of emotion
in her body and face. There’s a sense of fluidity and permissiveness while there are new
landscapes and stories being created in the shape of her portrait.”


Instagram: @campararozina