The Lies We Need

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography, Art Direction, Styling and Fashion Design by Fernando Jiménez Fierro. The camera operator is Patrick Hubbard. Make-Up by Sonia Rapin and Vanessa de Sousa.

A conceptual editorial on how men have used fashion to create their own persona, a public image and a way to create social and political statements. Inspired by the style and story of Jacques de Bascher, the photo session modernizes the dandy style whilst using mirrors and shadows elevating the idea of image, fashion, the forbidden and the hidden.

Photography, Art Direction, Styling and Fashion Design by Fernando Jiménez Fierro / Instagram: @ferjimfier
Camera Operator: Patrick Hubbard / Instagram: @_patrickhubbard_

Models are
Lucas / Instagram: @lucalment
Lennan / Instagram: @lennandaniel
Jonah / Instagram: @jonahzedwalter
Signed at Caramba Mambo & Boyz / Instagram: @caramba_mambo_and_boyz

Make Up by
Sonia Rapin / Instagram: @soniarapin.mua
Vanessa de Sousa / Instagram: @vanessads_makeup

About Fernando Jiménez Fierro

“My work flows through image-making and sustainable design. The future inspires me as much as social and sustainable affairs. This will often be shown in my work through street photography or in editorials and designs with a strong influence on what is happening out there on the streets, the manifestations, what is happening and what needs to be changed. I dream about the future we are creating towards 2050. Mars, digitalisation, and new ways of living are definitely something that moves me. But I crave it to be more solitary and sustainable for all.

I’m not very interested in perfect technique rather than experimenting and achieving eclectic results. I create image-making through photography and films. Also, I work with fashion designers specialising in a sustainable fashion. My designs strongly rely on upcycling, zero waste and a strong inspiration in tailoring and autochthonous garment-making processes.

My ambition is to inspire and co-create through my work. Art through fashion and image-making has always been my voice, but beyond a medium to express myself it is the means to develop a happier, more creative and sustainable world.

Born in Mexico City and now based in Paris, I hold a BA in Communications specialising in PR and Advertisement (2011), an MA in Social Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths College, University of London (2016) and an MA in Fashion Film and Photography at Paris College of Art (2022).”