The new NFT art platform METAWALLS takes digitised street art into the Metaverse, inside the expanding virtual world of Decentraland

The NFT art platform METAWALLS Berlin presents its upcoming street art exhibition inside the virtual gallery „The Embassy“, opening on November 9th. “The Embassy” presents Berlin street art for exhibit, to be sold as CO-NFTs (Collective-Ownership-NFT) via METAWALLS Berlin. A key aim of the project is to give artists a wider audience for their work by utilising NFT technology and the metaverse. //


The gallery is located adjacent to the Voltaire district in Decentraland. Known as the art district, numerous inter-
nationally renowned art addresses, with virtual represen- tations of the König Galerie and Sotheby’s taking positions there. While street art plays a subordinate role in the classic art canon, it is the focus of attention in “The Embassy”.

The exhibition is an expression of Berlin‘s urban culture, acting as an independent expression of the artists and their work as found on the city streets. METAWALLS Berlin and the Street Art BLN agency seek to provide artists with as many opportunities for exposure as possible, at the same time making sure that curation decisions are being made col- lectively.


Inside “The Embassy”, visitors enter an expansive virtual space inspired by Berlin architecture. Large-format street art works are presented on 40 m high concrete texture walls, with a total coverage area of 11,000 square meters. This im- pressive design conveys the feeling of being physically pre- sent in front of the works, at scale.

Street art is forever limited by the physical conditions of a city, dependent on many factors, not least the available spaces. These restrictions can now be bypassed by taking the artwork into the Metaverse. The exhibition in “The Embassy” exemplifies the mission of METAWALLS Berlin with regard to art, commerce, and the new possibilities for street artists and collectors alike.

In addition to various street art motifs in the gallery interior, the exhibition spreads out across 12 free-standing walls at various locations in Decentraland. In the future these ‚satellites‘ will display scheduled NFT artworks available for collection. Participating artists include Jim Avignon, Anne Bengard, BustArt, Ron Miller, Vidam, Jadore Tong, Sr. Papa Chango, Isakov and Caro Pepe.

The interior of the gallery will also allow space for other art forms such as sculpture and other art objects, which are also to be made available as NFT‘s. Some of these works will also provide collectors with a physical piece, backed by the NFT as provenance. Video installations are also to be integrated into the exhibition.

To visit ‚The Embassy‘ gallery in Decentraland you must first install the Metamask crypto wallet to your desktop from the website. After setting up the wallet you may vi- sit where you can set up your ‚avatar‘ and begin exploring. Your first stop: ‚The Embassy‘ gallery near Voltaire District!