The no gender style of Nomis Jewelry

NOMIS Jewelry, unisex multifunctional fine jewelry based in Ukraine. Transformable, elegant, and soulful. Light and simple. Sincere and joyful, NOMIS designs capture something far more profound than meets the eye.

NOMIS Jewelry is a Ukraine-based fine jewelry brand founded in 2020 by Alyona Kiperman.  Created for experiments and revamping existing stereotypes, NOMIS is for people with passion and ambition.

All jewelry pieces are crafted individually with the vision in mind of the fast-evolving world of nowadays. All the designs and off-beat styles are constantly in flux and in sync with the surrounding changes and have an unmistakable contemporary identity.

NOMIS stands outside of gender. Unisex and multifunctional, all pieces are created to be combined and adapted to modern life.

Nomis is designed for people with a huge range of hobbies. The heroes of NOMIS are spinning on the steps of the Opéra Garnier to quell the jitters after Ekman’s ballet.

They cultivate taste and can treat themselves with extreme irony. It’s easy for them to change images and plans for the day. Their gestures of freedom are extravagant and beautiful and are easily enhanced with Nomis jewelry.

Alyona Kiperman, founder of NOMIS Jewelry: “I believe it is essential to accept both the masculine and the feminine in ourselves, and not just stick to one thing. In the modern world, gender norms are a thing of the past. And this is what we aim to emphasize with NOMIS Jewelry. Every time I see how easy it is for both men and women to wear our pieces and explore their creative side — I know we’re doing everything right”.

Following the desire to boost creative expression, more rings, bangles, pendants, and necklaces in NOMIS collections are convertible: in a whiz, earring can be transformed into a pendant, bracelet into a choker and there are plenty of other variations that allow combining different parts in solid gold or lab diamonds encrusted gold with a variety of golden counterparts, and all in different colors. This allows expressing the mood of the day and one’s individuality with no effort, wearing several pieces at once, combining and rearranging them.

NOMIS Jewelry

All NOMIS jewelry is made of 18-carat gold and with laboratory stones: Alyona Kiperman, the brand’s owner, chose them because of her love for novelty and innovation. She decided to work with man-made stones after she visited the laboratories where these stones are made.

Artificially grown diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires are not only used in jewellery. Their unique properties are in demand in the tech world, from measuring tools to develop in space. These stones bring the world of the future closer, where people will begin to fly into space and use quantum computers. The stones are the building blocks of a new frontier. This is how the NOMIS jewelry brand, which works with advanced technology, came into being.