The Noble Savage

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Giada Ramera. Model is Sebastián Villegasse signed at Boom Models Agency. Make-up by Eleonora Marotti. Styling by Domenico Diomede. Stylist assistant is Yamali Lopez.

“In these two centuries there is an idea about gentleman. A gentlemen have to be rich, elegant and from a good family. Maybe this idea of a gentleman’s changing now. A gentleman doesn’t have to be wealthy, rich or know the good manners. The society created this idea of a gentleman. Jean Jacques Rousseau thinks that man in nature is a noble savage and the society make him a slave. A gentleman is a man who choose to be a honest person. He haven’t money but he is big-hearted. He choose to do righ tbecause he wants to do right and not because society wants it. This gentleman is a passenger in this story who go around the world to find himself and his happiness.”

Photography by Giada Ramera / Instagram: @giada.ramera
Model is Sebastián Villegasse signed at Boom Models Agency / Instagram: @_villegassebastian
Make-up by Eleonora Marotti / @eleonoramarotti.mua
Styling by Domenico Diomede / @diomede_domenico
Stylist assistant is Yamali Lopez / @stylistyamalilopez

Brands used are: Carlo Pignatelli @carlopignatelliofficialpage / Radà @rada_accessori / Lumberjack @lumberjackit / Saint Fleur @saintfleur_official / Nike @nike / Echo / Tombolini @tombolini_official / Gravity / RBRSL @rbrsl_rubbersoul / Kyme @kymesunglasses / Baldinini @baldininiofficial / EEKIKS @eekiks / Cult @ cultofficial1987