The Origin by Alice Wonder, Clara Mercedes Schaaf and Berit Frøysland

„The Origin“ is a two-parted project done by the artists Alice Wonder, Clara Mercedes Schaaf, and Berit Frøysland. Each of those artists uses their own medium to analyze and explore the question about their inner self: Where do we come from? What is our origin? Where are our roots? Who are we when we are born without any external and social influences? Without our freedom being cut by making us fit in a stigmatized and universal world? How diverse is our change and transformation by trying to fit in and how would it be if we were able to live out and embrace our spirit to the fullest?

The first part is the story between the dancer Berit Frøysland and the photographer Alice Wonder both expressing their freedom individually in a co-dependency and their attempt to answer these questions through their artwork. So who are we and who could we be in life without any form of borders? And does individual freedom automatically set boundaries towards others?
This question is visually discussed between the two artists working together. It is a journey to our inner origin.

Berit is a Norwegian dancer living in Berlin. She graduated from the Balettakademien in Stockholm in 2016 and is creating her own dance and film performances that are shown in Berlin. In „The Origin“ she mentally frees herself from any standards, so her movements can be led by her subconsciousness, her emotions, and her heart. They develop out of the moment and let her body speak.

Alice Wonder is a Berlin-based photographer. She is working as a visual creator and director in the photographic fields of fashion and contemporary art. In „The Origin“ she translates the answers into a nov-verbal language. By capturing Berit’s movements with her camera and retouching them, she automatically transforms and expands the dancer’s interpretation into a new one and adds a new level to it. Alice investigates those influences and effects of individual freedom that co-depend on different levels. The clothing of „The Origin“ are handmade pieces designed by Antonella Mirco, an Italian designer living in Berlin. The concept behind her innovative creations is to redefine the body, which is no longer an object of recognition, but it’s an identity that acts and transforms itself. They are a mirror of the human mind, without any gender distinctions. Her designs emphasize the questions of the story.


Creative Director Alice Wonder & Clara Mercedes Schaaf
Instagram: @alicewonderofficial
Instagram: @atelier.clara_mercedes
Photographer Alice Wonder
Instagram: @alicewonderofficial
Dancer/ Model Berit Frøysland
Instagram: @beritfroysland
Designer Antonella Mirco
Instagram: @antonella_mirco
HUM Astrid Mogren
Instagram: @astrid.mogren