The Revenge of Butterfly

A KALTBLUT exclusive by Anna Breit. A photographer from Vienna, Austria introducing Florian Máthé, a young designer from Berlin focusing on Latex. He just graduated at UDK Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts). Anna shot his master collection at Botanical Garden in Berlin. It is called „The Revenge of Butterfly“ and it is inspired by the famous opera „Madame Butterfly“. Models are Magda Gvelesiani and Theresa Gmachl signed at Dee Bee Phunky Agency. Shoes by Trippen. Hair and Make Up by Anca Oprin.


„The Revenge of Butterfly“ is a fictional continuation of the Opera Madama Butterfly. A character which has been suppressed and mistreated in the story, breaks out. Butterfly turns into a queer and transformative character, taking revenge on behalf of individuals oppressed by a heteronormative and patriarchical system. The revenge seeking heroine; Butterfly represents the figure behind the movie screen, the person who struggles.

Photography by Anna Breit / / Instagram: @anna_breit
Fashion by Florian Máthé / Instagram: @an_elastic_word
Shoes by Trippen, / Instagram: @trippen.official
Hair and Make Up by Anca Oprin / / Instagram: @oprinmakeup
Models are:
Magda Gvelesiani / Instagram: @magda.adga
Theresa Gmachl signed at Dee Bee Phunky Agency / Instagram: @theresagmbh