The Snake by Sven Serkis

A KALTBLUT exclusive photography series by Sven Serkis. Model is Björn. “One drop, bottom lake, above the ground, rattlesnake, in the forest, out of well,  through the valley, don’t you dwell, bellow the mountain, just outside of town, over in the meadow, Sun went down; the silent scream,  in the middle of the night, when Moon is full, skin is light.” Poem – Spoke the Wind

SERKIS_7991_FARBE_mini SERKIS_7976_FARBE_mini SERKIS_8210_SW_mini SERKIS_8119_SW_mini SERKIS_8115_SW_mini SERKIS_8103_FARBE_mini SERKIS_8068_SW_mini SERKIS_8029_SW_mini


Photography by Sven Serkis