The softest of stones

A KALTBLUT exclusive by Vic Bakin. A photographer and director born in Turkmenistan, living now in Kiev, Ukraine. The softest of stones – «Combining the hardness of the solid rock and the softness, vulnerability of the human body; mixing black and white; interserct a strict unambiguous and free plastic – creating new materials, tone gradations, object shapes. Large amount of energy hides behind duality of this concept containing strength, power, hardness from one point and flexibility, tenderness and suppleness from another. That’s how youth and love being born. «The softest of stones» gives enough space for imagination causing an innuendo, an allusion. Spectator can see objects on photo as frozen statue, solid marble or motionless living fantasy embodiment.» 


Boys are

Sergio Brisyuk
Bogdan Romanovic
Andrew Grey
Vic Bakin