The story of RIOTDIVISION, a Kyiv-based techwear brand

On February 24th, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, affecting an enormous amount of people, including talented Ukrainian designers. We would like to share the story of RIOTDIVISION, a Kyiv-based techwear brand, which is now fully operating to support the Ukrainian army and people in need during wartime.

Oleg Moroz, the founder and the chief designer of RIOTDIVISION  is now serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Another part of the team is volunteering in Kyiv and its region to prepare food for people who don’t have the means to exist.

They also gave away all their stock clothes for military needs during the first days of Russian aggression. Their new collection of belts was all used for soldiers’ rifles. The team doesn’t have time to promote themselves and keep their brand alive as they are helping the whole country to win the war.

RIOTDIVISION has evolved from a mono-product brand of balaclava hoodies to an independent philosophy that speaks about Modularity. Adaptation. Symbiosis. Singularity. Curiosity.  The riot of the brand is against the routine and material attachments.

The brand finds its mission in endless experiments with form, transformation and modularity to reach the maximum comfort for the clients. Another challenge of the brand is durability, which is constantly tested with the new techniques of crash tests.

Since 2017 RIOTDIVISION has been presented globally. It was exhibited in SEEK Berlin. In 2019 it was presented during Pitti Uomo in Florence and Paris showroom Cube. In 2019 It launched a womenswear line and opened a flagship store in Kyiv.

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