The Untamed Land(e)scape! A personal project by Valentina Rixo

KALTBLUT presents: “The Untamed Land(e)scape” fashion story is inspired by Théodor Rousseau’s paintings: bucolic and evocative of a simpler, pre-industrial age, in which the powerful forces of nature, recounted in a Romantic way, are the protagonists. His contribution to the shifting conception of landscape in the wake of the Industrial Revolution, influenced by the Romantic movement, produced works stimulated by the powerful forces of nature.

“I wanted to communicate the research of the connection between people and nature, with our wild and more “primitive” side, which I think is particularly strong in this hard moment that we are living. We want to escape from this but we can’t, so we try to get away in different new ways and listening more to our inner side. 

The clothes are recycled and customized or handcrafted with discarded materials to reflect this idea of making do with what we have in a lockdown situation.”

Photography and styling by Valentina Rixo / Instagram: @valentina.rixo
Model is Sero Gaye signed at Brave Models / Instagram: @gaye________________
Video and music by Yyou / Instagram: @yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyou

The clothes are recycled and customized or handcrafted with discarded materials.

“I’m a fashion stylist from Milan, keen on analogue and street photography, a medium with which I love to capture everyday life and spontaneous instants: the reality as it is, that it’s not perfect and sometimes can be even grotesque. I am fascinated by anthropology and folkloric customs and traditions, in which human beings are the protagonists with their deeper and spiritual interiority.

In my vision, I like to brush against aesthetical disturbances through plasticity, fabrics, materials, and visuals.” *Valentina Rixo