The Vices offer talented bands an international stage

“Today we launch the official Play at ViceFest campaign. Play at ViceFest is a unique opportunity for talented new artists to showcase their music to an international audience. The winner will get to perform at all four editions of The Vices’ own ViceFest, set to take place in London, Groningen, Antwerp and Berlin.”


Speaking of the initiative, Vices guitarist Jonathan Kruizenga says: “We love discovering new music and meeting new musicians. We want to share that feeling with others and that’s why we’ve created ViceFest.”

“We ourselves have had the opportunity to tour abroad, for example as main support during the European Tour of Nothing But Thieves” adds frontman Floris van Luijtelaar. “We hear a huge amount of new music through Play At ViceFest, and we absolutely love giving one of these (probably still) relatively unknown artists the opportunity to play for an international audience. That’s why ViceFest is also a place where you can fall in love with music you didn’t know before.”

About ViceFest

ViceFest offers visitors a glimpse into the world of The Vices. It’s a wild, chaotic evening where you’re moshing with a punk band one minute, bursting into tears with a singer-songwriter the next, and then throwing yourself off the half-pipe. Open yourself up to an adventure of discovery!

Bands and artists can now register at: