The War Within Me by Sandra Zegarra Patow

Sandra Zegarra Patow is a Peruvian artist currently graduated from IMD (Interactive Media Design) at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. She has a deep connection with her Peruvian roots and composes images that are in poetic harmony with the odd. Through distorted bodies, dreamy patterns and out of nature colors she invites people to look into her mind. Together with Broemaand who is an Art Director and a stylist, they did this photoshoot. ‘The war within me’ is about fighting your inner demons. This shoot is inspired by youth who are struggling with mental health problems, something that is still taboo to talk about. A KALTBLUT exclusive. 

Photographer Sandra Zegarra Patow I I @zegarrapatow
Art director & Stylist Broemaand I @broemaand
Model  Stijn De Jongh I @stijndejongh
Make up Artist  Effi van Swaal I @effi.vanswaal

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