The Weserstraße Female Collective

#OneToWatch! Photography by Skye Sobejko. Styling by Olof Runmarker and Juno Francis. Makeup by Asdis María Vióarsdottír. Models are Zselyke Zoya Tarnai and Michelle Senzig.

A long time ago, in a hidden corner of Neukölln, a collective of entrepreneurial female artists, vintage collectors and visionaries from spread out places in the world, gathered forces to build up a space to share their works to the neighbourhood. Art, music, home-built stages, production studios, events and hidden basement bars; a place where everything could happen and everyone was welcome. Soon celebrating ten years in action, the collective is stronger and better than ever – now with two adjoining spaces – and many projects planned for the future. Let Them Eat Cake, Oh Mini I am, Juno Juno Shop, Readymade Berlin, Side by Side Store and Skylar Kang, located at Weserstraße 164 in Berlin, is a place where fashion meets music and art, and the opportunities and inspiration is endless…

Photos by @skyesobejko / Skye Sobejko
Styling by @olofrunmarker / Olof Runmarker
@junofrancis / Juno Francis
Makeup by @asdismv / Asdis María Vióarsdottír

Models: @zsleyke_tarnai / Zselyke Zoya Tarnai
@michelle.senzig / Michelle Senzig

Clothes by: @junojunoshop / Juno Juno shop
@sidebysidestore / Side by Side store
@skylarkang / Skylar Kang
@ltec_berlin / Let them eat cake
@ohminiiam / Oh Mini I am
Jewellery @readymadeberlin / ReadyMade Berlin