We are in LOVE with the THE WILD IS WAITING  series – seen at Summer Dairy Project. Starring TRISTIN JOHNSON. Photography by CHRISTOPHER MARRS. Christopher Marrs is a conceptual, fashion, and portrait photographer based in Chicago, Illinois.   Discover more on Christopher’s website  and follow on  instagram, twitter, and facebook  for his latest works.

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The Summer Diary Project is a collection of male photography, queer art, and gay pop culture that’s told in a daily narrative.  SDP began on Tumblr in 2009 exactly as that, a project.  A place for me to explore new concepts & ideas for my publishing company, Beachcruiser Media. I often say “it’s always Summer on Summer Diary”, meaning that the viewer is intended to escape into the pleasures & feelings of summertime, the theme we try to stay true to as much as possible. Our name is derived from a favorite special edition by Bruce Weber for 80’s magazine Per LuiSDP is very much a modern take on this work.” says Billy Mecca the man behind The Summer Diary Project. We at KALTBLUT – we love The Summer Diary Project. It is an inspiration, it´s sexy and filled with tons of good looking guys and photography. Jump over to their webpage for more!