There Is a Dream Called DRØME Magazine

What is it about the college dorm room that enables such creativity and moxie in people? Living near other students can be such a suffocatingly obnoxious experience, yet it can foster a sense of community and collaboration, leading to wild exchanges of ideas and experiences. Additionally, dorm mates’ diverse backgrounds and interests can inspire new perspectives and creativity.

Whowle with a horse by Harriet Davey
Whowle by Harriet Davey

“For Caroline D’Arcy and Leah Wasilewski, Co-Creative Directors of DRØME (meaning ‘dream’ in Danish) magazine, it was this hustle-and-bustle environment drenched in a systemic emphasis on learning and personal growth that inspired them back in 2015 to build a brand new outlet from the ground up,”

Chi Ossé by Jordan Macy
Caroline D_Arcy and Leah Wasilewski
Ehiorobo by Gabriella Bavaro
Jordan Gonzalez by The Emma Experience

In its run so far, DRØME has featured artists such as Billie Eilish, Ashton Sanders, Amandla Stenberg, SOFI TUKKER, Blu Detiger, Flo Ngala, Lena Waithe, Nico Tortorella, Tommy Dorfman, Shameik Moore, Carly Mark, Christian Siriano, and 6lack, to name a few.

Currently, DRØME  Is tied up with the release of their Volume V print, themed around ‘Reflection’, in which the carefully curated selection of artists have the opportunity to represent themselves as they want, with full agency over their respective features.

Nik Bentel by Patrick Driscoll
Pauli The PSM by Elena Kantariia

Print Is Not Dead! Link to purchase the Print copy of Volume V 

Link to purchase the Online issue of Volume V

From time to time, you need these fresh-faced rebels to remind everyone what a magazine truly is, including an exciting and bold back-to-physical print series that engages with an audience eager to re-experience the tactile and even olfactory dimension of magazines once again.

Self Portrait by Genevieve Andrews
Self Portrait by Jae Kim
SORRY FERN by Joe Calixto
Self Portrait by Scarlett Kapella