This Is The Feeling You Thought You Had Repressed by Brenda Maria Fernández

Brenda Maria Fernández is an artist based in Monterrey, México. This Is The Feeling You Thought You Had Repressed is a delicate but dark and unapologetic look at her past and how she was under the influence of a really powerful ADHD medication for many years that altered her personality. It also showcases the aftermath of stopping the use of it, of waking up from that state of disillusion.

“It’s coming to terms with who I am without any drugs to sedate my thoughts or shift my perception of myself. Through this series, I try to make peace with my past self and look back to those blurry years where I felt no control over my actions or thoughts.”

“I consider myself as an artist who doesn’t wanna get trapped in a box or any type of label when it comes to art or creativity. At this moment I’m focused on rediscovering myself through photography and a lot of introspection, analyzing my dreams and healing. I’m very interested in what makes a human a human and all aspects of identity regarding sexuality. I use photography as my main medium.”

Instagram: @brendafernandez505