Thrilling Collaboration: Carne Bollente x Virón Unveils New Sustainable Capsule Collection

Introducing a rendezvous of art, nature, and rebellion. In a groundbreaking partnership, vegan footwear brand Virón has joined forces with Carne Bollente, the provocative purveyor of intimate illustrations. Together, they proudly present a sustainable capsule collection that challenges the boundaries of fashion and ignites a collective passion for a harmonious world.

Seeking a deeper connection, Carne Bollente and Virón have embarked on an exploration of our shared human experience. While Virón has already delved into the fascinating concept of material transparency, Carne Bollente’s artistic prowess captures the intricate emotions that bind us. By intertwining these inspirations, this collaboration seeks to bridge the gap between the mystical and the tangible.

Revolutionary Fusion

Prepare to be captivated by the unconventional fusion of ideas that lies at the core of this collection. Drawing from the ethereal charms of esoteric artistry, captivating scientific icons, and the bounties of nature, these statement pieces evoke a sense of rebellious youthfulness. In this collection, boundaries are shattered, equality is celebrated, and the realms of gender, inclusivity, and the esoteric meld seamlessly.

Beyond Fashion: The Collection Unveiled

The radiant collection features an array of clothing, accessories, and shoes, adorned with Carne Bollente’s iconic illustrations and Virón’s homage to the natural world’s splendor. These captivating motifs emanate an air of optimistic freedom, echoing the dreams of the youth and a profound interconnection with the cosmos.

Sustainable Elegance

Embracing eco-consciousness, all shoes in this collection are meticulously crafted from apple leather, upcycled military tents, and recycled rubber. The clothing and accessories also tout their commitment to sustainability, fashioned from organic cotton and recycled fabrics. Together, Carne Bollente x Virón exemplify their dedication to ethical production.

Coming Soon: The Awaited Release

Mark your calendars for September 20th, as the collection will be available for purchase on the official websites of Carne Bollente (, Virón (, and select retailers. Embark on this irresistible journey of art and rebellion, and let your fashion choices reflect your commitment to a better, interconnected world. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to embrace the spirit of Carne Bollente x Virón.