Angus wears jumpsuit Julian Zigerli


A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Photographer and Graphic Design by Marco Imperatore. Models are Gerben @ Brave Models, Sven Ludovicus @ Brave Models, Federico Filipponi @ Elite Models, Benjamin Aston @ Elite Models, Rejhan Bruti @ Elite Models, Tommaso Cini @ Elite Models, Angus Eaton @ Fashion Models Management and Tuur Sikkink @ I Love Models. Styling by Stefano Guerrini using Julian Zigerli, Hosio, Les Hommes, Department 5 just to name a few. Hair by Memi Paparone. 

On the left
 Reihan wears long sleeveless T-shirt The B. by Federico Barazzo, trousers vintage Archi- vio Mazzini, shoes Bruno Bordese
 On the right
 Reihan wears shirt and trousers Nicola Indelicato
On the left
 Tommaso wears mesh tank top Les Hommes, trousers Pence 1979
 On the right
 Tommaso wears sweater Magliano
On the right
Sven wears sweatshirt Andre Pompilio
On the right
Sven wears total look Matteo Lamandini
On the left
 Federico wears tank top EDITHMARCEL, trousers Department 5 On the right
 Federico wears shirt EDITHMARCEL, trousers Department 5
On the left
 Gerben wears shirt The B. by Federico Barrazzo
 On the right
 Gerben wears sleeveless jacket EDITHMARCEL, trousers Angelos Frentzos
On the left
Angus wears total look Obvious Basic
 On the right
 Angus wears leather dress Nicola Indelicato
On the left
Benjamin wears leather tank top Les Hommes
 On the right
 Benjamin wears shirt Alessandro Dell’Acqua, trousers The B. by Federico Barazzo
on the left
 Tuur wears shirt Still Ill, trousers The B. by Federico Barazzo 
on the right
 Tuur wears jacket Hosio, sweatshirt Angelos Frentzos

Photographer and Graphic Design: Marco Imperatore
Stylist: Stefano Guerrini @stefano _guerrini
Stylist’s assistants: Martina Bentivogli, Carlotta Sorrentino @mermaidinthecity_ @ottaagni
Hair: Memi Paparone @memi_idnty
Make up: Letizia Pecchia. @letizia_pecchia
Photographer assistant: Danilo Pitocchelli @dynastes
Models are Gerben @ Brave Models @gerbenesselbrugge

Sven Ludovicus @ Brave Models @svengeraets
Federico Filipponi @ Elite Models @federico_filipponi
Benjamin Aston @ Elite Models @benjamin.aston
Reihan Bruti @ Elite Models @reihan_bruti
Tommaso Cini @ Elite Models @tommasociniglio
Angus Eaton @ Fashion Models Management @anguseeaton
Tuur Sikkink @ I Love Models @tuur.s