Timothy Clerkin’s Top 5

Fresh from starting his own label Insult To Injury, Timothy Clerkin returns to Ransom Note Records with the ‘Knife Edge Heart’ EP. Three tracks of stirring techno for dark basements and warm hearts. After cutting his teeth as one-half of Eskimo Twins, Timothy launched his solo career in 2014 under the now-retired Heretic moniker. He’s since released on labels including Throne of Blood, Hard Fist and Days of Being Wild. Timothy’s last release on R$N was the ‘Serenade’ EP, which brought us plenty of special moments last year – most memorably Andrew Weatherall closing out his Houghton quarry set with ‘Execute’. To coincide with the release of his newest EP, also available on vinyl, Clerkin has put his ultimate Top 5 tracks for you to enjoy.

Psychotropic – Psychosis

“I’m going to have to ignore all the guitar bands that influenced me in my youth (we might be here all day) and just concentrate on tracks that have (consciously) affected my current approach to making electronic music. Which, I suppose, is somewhere between acid-techno & ambient. This one by Psychotropic is an old-school banger that I still play out on the reg.”

Boards Of Canada – Corsair

“It’s no understatement to say that Boards have had a FUCKING GIGANTIC impact on me. Tough to choose one track, but this is one of my favourites, from my favourite album. Haunting and melancholy, but beautiful & uplifting. No doof doof required!”

808 State – Flow Coma (AFX Remix)

“This is the first acid record I ever bought, before I really knew what acid was, in fact. No wonder I love it so much now. Aphex’s usually mentalness, but still playable in the right disco. I definitely play it when it isn’t the right disco too. Because it’s ace. Inappropriate acid is the best acid.”

Chris & Cosy – Walking Through Heaven

“Everything these guys have done is gold in my opinion. I can’t fit Throbbing Gristle’s entire oeuvre in here though, so am just going to plump for this stone cold classic. THIS is how a polysynth should sound – dirty, out of time and through a Space Echo. Lovely.”

Grauzone – Eisbar

“I know I said no guitars, but rules are made to be broken, eh!? Plus, Post-Punk / Cold Wave doesn’t count (I’m making the rules here, pal). This is shouty, dancey punkicity at it’s finest.”

Timothy Clerkin ‘Knife Edge Heart’ EP is out now on Ransom Note Records.
Buy/stream here: https://ransom-note-records.lnk.to/KnifeEdgeHeart