Tiny Tattoos by Austin Tott

I just love the project “Tiny Tattoos” by artist Austin Tott. Tiny and abstract tattoos paired with a matching background. This means taking a wrist with a ship tattoo and photographing with a naval map background. Or taking a picture of a wrist with envelope ink and a wall full of envelope. Conceptual photography is Austin Tott’s forte. Born in Seattle, Washington, he’s an art director, as well as a product and conceptual designer. Tott likes fusing surreal concepts and compositions with raw emotions. “Striving at times to even make dark emotions and painful or new experiences a beautiful thing,” it is stated on Tott’s website. “His work with product photography showcases his excellent eye for lighting and styling.”

skin-art-wrist-background-tiny-tattoo-austin-tott-1 skin-art-wrist-background-tiny-tattoo-austin-tott-12 skin-art-wrist-background-tiny-tattoo-austin-tott-11 skin-art-wrist-background-tiny-tattoo-austin-tott-10 skin-art-wrist-background-tiny-tattoo-austin-tott-9 skin-art-wrist-background-tiny-tattoo-austin-tott-8 skin-art-wrist-background-tiny-tattoo-austin-tott-7 skin-art-wrist-background-tiny-tattoo-austin-tott-6 skin-art-wrist-background-tiny-tattoo-austin-tott-5 skin-art-wrist-background-tiny-tattoo-austin-tott-4 skin-art-wrist-background-tiny-tattoo-austin-tott-3 skin-art-wrist-background-tiny-tattoo-austin-tott-2