TMRW TV EP 1 – MIKEY. Woodbridge

Is your brain ready to ask questions that were not in the realm of your consciousness? The first TMRW TV episode is here starring the one and only MIKEY. Woodbridge. The 1st episode is hosted by Divina Kuan. Watch the new awkwardly satisfying Talkshow here and do not miss next week’s episode with Lie Ning.

GUEST  @mikeywoodbridge // HOST @divinakuan

The TMRW Team consists of Gavin Youngs, Divina Kuan, Francy Fabritz, Jake Flowers and Nadja Rothkirch. Produced by dffb and funded by Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg. We had a chat with the makers about the new talk show:

Tell us about the show!

TMRW TV is essentially a new Talkshow format of warm and light entertainment that brings the human aspect of our creative guests of the show closer to our audience. The show has a unique curation of guests, the first three episodes and all upcoming ones, which we believe quite literally contributes to a softer, kinder and more inspiring tomorrow.

Visually, the show is supposed to take up cues from current trends which mostly start from queer creators and push the artistic discourse of a young and diverse generation of artists and designers forward.

The show stands out because it doesn’t follow the fast-paced highly edited form of most Youtube formats. Do you think the audience will accept such a slow-paced show?

We hope that the show finds the audience who is looking for exactly that. In both form and content, the show wants to serve as a commentary on the current times, taking up values of neo-capitalism and upcoming trends and lightly mocking or reversing them. In the interviews, for instance, we’re trying less to find fun shareable snippets, but more so to get to the essence of our guests, understand their craft and thinking, embrace the absurd and all the while seeking moments of honesty, truth and humanity.

Neocapitalism has already reached a level of eating itself up. You can’t scroll even faster through your social media feeds, you can’t watch even faster edits. In the trailer we shared we’re mocking the fast edit, in that you can barely even see anything anymore, it’s just a rain of images. Each cut is somewhat too fast. For the show, however, we wanted to de-accelerate our viewing habits and offer a moment to rest. In a strange way, taking time these days has become a form of resistance. So the show isn’t supposed to add to the hyper-productivity and information stream of our daily lives, but instead… make you feel like taking a warm bath during a therapy session.

How did you choose MIKEY as your first guest?

One of the main goals of the show is to suggest different “Idols” to our audience than what the media is used to. We don’t want to see more German actors on Talkshows who have literally nothing to say. Instead, we want to offer inspirational, extraordinary and underrepresented artists a platform for the promotion and outreach of their projects. And MIKEY is a true artist, in every sense and in the essence of that word. We were so happy when they agreed to come on the show because having MIKEY as our first guest sets the right tone for the show from the start and of course for our host it was just pure joy being able to sit and chat with them. So, prepare for a journey when you watch episode one!

How did you come up with the idea?

The original idea came from Divina while she was living in the Philippines. Sometimes when you reach a certain amount of distance and quietness, you get to see your common surroundings differently. She essentially thought about all those progressive, next-level artists that have a considerable reach online with international followership that constantly keeps inspiring and empowering their audiences. They are often featured in print or online fashion and music magazines but rarely invited to Talkshows. This means that while their reach expands, they are not given a platform to speak about themselves in a way they’d choose to. Instead: more silent photos or worse: articles that misrepresent them. Especially for BIPOC and queer artists, it is crucial that they can speak in their own voice and decide how they want to be framed because mainstream media too often tends to reduce us to certain parts of their identity.

That was the initial spark for the show…

And what happened then?

Essentially the TTV team was formed. Divina came back to Berlin and started sharing the idea with Gavin (Director) and Francy (Cinematographer. The three of us germinated ideas to develop the essence of the show from the interview style, games, look n feel).

A few brain explosions and creative meetings later, they asked Jake and Nadja if they wanted to come on board as producers. From then on we had a growing team, all of which also contributed creatively. We gotta say that we were really blessed by how supportive the queer community was. For the actual shoot, we ended up with an all-queer crew and an all-female* camera department (from DoP, to three camera operators, grip, ACs… can you imagine?). All of us have worked on many filmsets before, and we must say – it really does make a difference. The vibe on set was just so full of joy, so many glances were exchanged, there was flirts going on. It was just massively cute and felt very safe.

Any challenges during production?

A bunch, but I think the most hilarious in hindsight was that we had to build that huge hole in the back wall somewhere prior to moving into Schwuz, which was our shooting location. We ended up building it in parts at Hallesches Haus, moving it over (Sprinters are not as high as you’d think! Neither are doors!) and then lifting one part onto the other on the Schwuz Stage.

Are you planning to produce more or what’s next for the Tomorrow TV Show?

These three episodes that are premiering on Kaltblut now were only possible with the funding from Medienboard, support from dffb and because a huge bunch of generous souls dedicated their time, craft and energy to the show. Right now, we’re looking for streamers or production partners to develop the show further and produce the next batch of episodes. TMRW TV was conceived as an organic show that keeps evolving and growing, and we’d love to find partners who share our vision and would join our journey. So, if you know someone who’d be a good fit for our show and is up for a date with us, send them our way at 

PRODUCERS @nadja.rk12, @divinakuan,@jakeflowerstv
PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Annemarie Krause, @jesusinwonderland
CINEMATOGRAPHY  @francy.fabritz
CAMERA OPERATOR @gigugisela @diarasow @kombinationunbekannt @aysealacakaptan
1st ASSISTANT CAMERA @wanatakah Anouck Schmit @nicole_8mn @viktoria.rausch @farrell.lito
GRIP Annemarie Krause 
LIGHTING & RIGGING Thilda Kruschel
DIT @theo.taquet
SOUND ENGINEER @eric_cortes__
STILLS PHOTOGRAPHY  @ajburford Dennis Haase

ART DIRECTOR @gavin.youngs
SET DESIGN @fundburo_design
ART DEPARTMENT ASSISTANT @filipeserro, @joanlingli, Meir Luger
PROPS MAKER @tussi_b

SET CONSTRUCTION Mariano Guil, Tania Picado
CARPENTER Martin Kaltofen
SET BUILDER Armando Perez Gonzalez
Pex (Marie) Schomerus
Younggeun Kim
SCULPTURES @zbigniew_podgorski porcelain from the collection „Shell X”

STYLING @claracolettemiramon, @sojisolarin
STYLING ASSISTANT @rubyavivawilson
DESIGNER @rombautofficial

MAKE-UP @jasminarnold
Christian Brändlin
HAIR STYLIST @garik_badaljan


EDITOR @theo.taquet, @divinakuan, @gavin.youngs
MUSIC @mobilegirl
SOUND DESIGN Alexandra Praet, @avbadham
TITLES @bnvlsn, @juansajuan, Marco Lizama
COLOURIST @sslzmnn_colour
SET RUNNER @aa.ccolade @mariegolueke
ARTIST CARE Austin Fagan
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CATERING @kkimroi
Anastasija Lösslein
Julia Johanning
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Anastasia Krylov

LIGHT + CAMERA RENTAL @seeyourent, @ lichtforumberlin, @dino.berlin_technik.verleih, @phillipkaminiak_cinematography

OFFICES @ hallescheshaus, Michelle Casciolo,
LOCATIONS @schwuz, Christian P. Merean

PRODUCER @ dffb_berlin
FUNDING BY @medienboard

SONG: Invincible
Performed by MIKEY Woodbridge
Violine Accompaniment by Youka Snell
Composed by MIKEY Woodbridge
Text by MIKEY Woodbridge

THE TOMORROW TV SHOW TEAM WOULD LIKE TO THANK: Hannah Schwegel, Esther Rothstegge, Myriam Eichler, Ellis Freeman, Pascal Capitolin, Bodo Knapheide, Phillip Kaminiak, Zbigniew Podgórski, SchwuZ, Michelle Casciolo, Kvadrat , All our TTV Bingo Supporters