Now it’s already the third week in which time and space collapsed and gave us the fabulous TMRW TV Show. After Episode I with MIKEY Woodbridge and Episode II with Lie Ning, we are circling around for Episode III to give you K.ZIA.

Again, exclusively launching here on KALTBLUT. As the creators of the show told us already on their launch date three weeks ago, the curation of guests is at the heart of the show. And once again, they don’t fall short of expectations. With this third episode their prototypes are ending, and they are setting out to find streamers, and partners of TV stations to partner up with for a full first season of the show. By having curated this bouquet of 3 very different artists for their prototypes, they offer an insight into the range of guests they are going to be hosting in future episodes, travelling along the queer spectrum in various directions, yet only making it the centre of conversation if previously asked to do so by the guests themselves.

GUEST // HOST @divinakuan

With K.ZIA they have found another artist who should already have her bookshelves crash down because they can’t hold the weight of her Grammys, who should be given massive budgets for her music production and videos to match her creative visions. But instead, big labels find her music to be too diverse and her bilingual lyrics hard to place. And yet, she has created hits that listeners would recognize without knowing who created them.

But her craft, process and personality are just as inspiring as her music. Once again, just in the same way they had served us Episode I and II, the Tmrw TV team serves us an interview section where we learn about K.ZIA’s upbringing, what shaped her and made her the person she is now, paired with a game where we witness the adorable humour of her, just to top it off with a beautiful performance of her song “Mon Mood.”

Circling back to the initial conception of the show, where the creators asked: “Where are our idols, where are the celebs that really inspire us. Why do they not get screentime? Where is that queer platform that reliably introduces us to progressive minds and talents, that safe space that queers can tune into, rooted in the community?”

I think it’s fair to say that it is here now, on Tmrw TV.

Tune in and watch K.ZIA in Episode III of Tmrw TV.

More of K.ZIA serving us goddess vibes here, and the Tmrw Team will keep serving you satisfying awkwardness on their Youtube and IG channels.


The TMRW Team consists of Gavin Youngs, Divina Kuan, Francy Fabritz, Jake Flowers and Nadja Rothkirch.

Produced by dffb and funded by Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg.

Full Credits below:

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PRODUCER @ dffb_berlin
FUNDING BY @medienboard


Mon Mood

Performed by K.ZIA
Composed by K.ZIA, Lorenz Schimpf
Text by K.ZIA
Produced by Lorenz Schimpf

THE TOMORROW TV SHOW TEAM WOULD LIKE TO THANK: Hannah Schwegel, Esther Rothstegge, Myriam Eichler, Ellis Freeman, Pascal Capitolin, Bodo Knapheide, Phillip Kaminiak, Zbigniew Podgórski, SchwuZ, Michelle Casciolo, Kvadrat , All our TTV Bingo Supporters