To Conjure Up Wonder by Julia Howe

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and Creative Direction Julia Howe. Hair and makeup by Bryanna Angel. Julia Howe is a photographer working between London and Berlin focusing on deconstructing the mainstream visual narrative, by documenting people at the forefront of counter-culture. She studied in Berlin and has completed an MA at London College of Fashion. Her work explores themes of gender perception and intimacy. She uses her photography to provoke questions about outdated power systems in a society that is rapidly evolving.

Her work has been featured by i-D, HERO, Vogue Italia, ICA and was presented at TATE Modern’s Offprint Festival and the Royal Academy of Arts, London. She continues to highlight cultures on the fringes.

Photography and Creative Direction Julia Howe @julia.hovve 
HMUA Bryanna Angel @bryanna_angel_mua

India @indiagrove @troy__agency
Samuel @samuelfriberg
Roisin @roisintapponi
Jack @archetyke
Jewel @a1jewel0310
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