To Hell & Gone

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Damián Razzini. Model is Isidoro Encinas. Styling by Carmen Cadaval. Makeup & Hair by Rafa Gil, by Termixoficial.

“You are that silent plastic bag that makes whirlpools in the wind. You are the echo that resonates in the most remote corners of an industrial estate on the outskirts of any ghost town. You are free will. Nothing and no one has ever stopped you. Impetuous spirit, you wander fearlessly through the streets.

A truck driver will give you a ride and when he gets distracted, he will lose sight of you. Your journey never ends. You always walk away, aimlessly, without any purpose. And you walk until night falls.

Now you become that nocturnal creature that descends to the depths of this land to release the beast. You don’t know why or how you got so far… to hell and gone…”

Photography by Damián Razzini @damianrazziniphoto
Styling by Carmen Cadaval @carmeencadaval
Makeup & Hair: Rafa Gil @rafagmakeup by #Termixoficial
Model: Isidoro Encinas @isidoroencinas
Special thanks: @la_comune_vintage @gafasmurcia @kbyebcn


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“Hi, everyone! My name is Damián Razzini. I’m a 42 year-old-freelance fashion photographer and digital content creator for e-commerce based in Barcelona. So that you know me a little I tell you that I got graduated in Tourist Information and marketing before started studying photography. That was almost two decades ago. I worked in the tourist sector for several years. Visiting Barcelona city and its museums, art galleries, and fashion shopping areas I explained and informed the tourists about the city’s wide variety of cultural resources, every day. That was why my sense of photography and fashion woke up and I decided to start studying photography and specialize in fashion to portray it from my point of view.

After several years of experience, I have made “intercontextuality” one of my most precious tools which means that any discipline or area can work for me as an inspirational engine for my work. Not only other photographers’ works but literature, music and music videos, illustrations, movies, etc… I love creating and telling stories to build up my editorials. Vibrant colors and contrasted images are usually my first choice. I also love portraying models surrounded by specific scenarios and adding props to the scene if it is necessary to guide spectators through the story.

At the very beginning, I was worried about me becoming an established photographer but I told myself that I had to start shooting my first editorial and after that, the following editorial, and so on… “One day, you wake up and realize you have a solid portfolio and the doors start to open” Me being present on social media has been crucial at the time of promoting my work and my team’s. The best gift is when clients come and tell me that they love my photography style and my way of portraying reality and that’s what there are looking for to sell their products and services.”