Top 5 Videos Of The Week

It’s Friday Mother Truckers! Every week KALTBLUT pulls together our most favourite and newest music videos from around the globe so you can enjoy effortless, scroll-free visual pleasure. I personally think this is my favourite Top 5 so far, so I hope you enjoy! And don’t forget the sunscreen this weekend!

Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? – (Do the) Shämäläin
This band’s name shortened is HYESTJFAVHS? That alone deserves a mention. The new single by the Finnish bubble gum punk trio is nothing but pure clean fun, followed by a video that looks something straight from John Waters’ Hairspray, but a little more grungey and less racist.

Gunship – The Mountain

Okay, I’m sorry. I’m a little bit of a geek when it comes to video games. But seriously, how cool is this video created entirely in GTA V’s PC Editor? It’s like an epic Arnie vs Stallone movie, without all the pointless dialogue. Thank you 8-Bit Bastard.

Reptile Youth – Away
It’s here! The video for Reptile Youth’s “Away” is an intense, sunny blur through LA as we watch Mads Damsgaard describe something similar to FoMO (as in the fear of missing out). It’s also an insight into the world that Mads fell into, as he had to get away from Denmark, “…There are a thousand places I could be and then I have to choose one…“. Who wouldn’t pick a place with endless sunshine and beaches?

Loveless ft. Varren Wade – They Don’t Know

Bring back garage! Is there a hashtag for that yet? Norwegian electro-pop duo Loveless have recruited Varren Wade for their smooth new single this summer. Their new project named Relationships is out this July. Can’t wait for more of this!

Thick Thighs by Willam feat. Latrice Royale

What a masterpiece.