TOPAZ Shares “The Gift” With Us

Topaz McGarrigle’s creative journey was shaped by the captivating natural landscapes and environments of his hometown Dripping Springs, Texas. Topaz’s musical career began at a young age, as he performed his saxophone playing on the streets of Austin’s vibrant Sixth Street. This extensive experience allowed him to develop an internationally acclaimed performing career, as his musical path then took him across the globe, including studies at prestigious institutions like the Duke Ellington School of the Arts and NYU.

After his global travels, Topaz returned to his Austin roots and founded the acclaimed experimental music group, the Golden Dawn Arkestra, in 2013. Now, the Texas native working as TOPAZ is set to release his first solo EP in 2024. This solo project was inspired by his DJ work during the COVID-19 pandemic, as he drew from the musical legacies of influential artists like Daft Punk, David Bowie, Chromeo, and Steve Monite. TOPAZ’s impending solo releases promise an infectiously joyful and innovative style of synth-driven indie pop.

The final instalment in a trilogy of music videos and interconnected singles, the eponymous “The Gift,” symbolically celebrates the four seasons and the four chambers of the human heart. In contrast, the first single/video “AMSTERDAM” delves into the passionate, lustful feelings associated with the warmth of summer. The second video, “NORTHERN STAR,” explores the deeper, more profound emotions of love and longing, set against the icy backdrop of winter. This new solo musical project serves as a heartfelt homage to the most important person in his life – his wife. 

“‘The Gift’ began as an homage to the iconic saxophone anthems of the 80s, evolving into a danceable, synth-driven track with a strong nod to David Bowie. The lyrics recount a pivotal moment in my relationship with my wife when a gift she gave me transformed our bond. This turning point was crucial for us, especially as we navigated the challenges of the pandemic and worked through relationship conflicts.”

The visuals for TOPAZ’s track “The Gift” immerse the viewer in a dreamlike world. The opening scene features TOPAZ performing on the alto saxophone against a backdrop that evokes the whimsical imagery found on Arizona’s Ginseng & Honey green tea cans. 

As the video progresses, it becomes a vibrant, synesthetic experience, channelling the energy of 1980s synth-pop and Italo-disco. Influences from iconic artists like Giorgio Moroder, Dead or Alive, and Eurythmics are palpable, yet TOPAZ seamlessly blends these retro aesthetics with his distinctive style.

The music itself perfectly complements the video’s tone and mood, striking a balance between homage and innovation. While TOPAZ reveres the enduring appeal of 1980s sounds, his compositions are not mere imitations. Rather, they represent a logical and welcome evolution of the musical sensibilities that made that era so beloved, adapting them for a contemporary audience without losing any of the inherent joy and energy. 

At its core, “The Gift” grapples with the universal human need to find completion in another, and the extraordinary ways in which that bond can reshape identity, perspective, and the course of one’s life. It is a poignant meditation on the transformative power of love – both its elusive quest and its hard-won, extraordinary rewards that must ultimately be freely given by that precious other.

TOPAZ is set to release his new EP on June 28th. To celebrate the release, TOPAZ will perform and DJ at a special event the following night, June 29th, at the popular ROMA dance club in Austin, Texas. Get your tickets here.

For more info on TOPAZ: @topazmusic_ / WEBSITE