Traces by Rossella Damiani

Models are Paula Barbato, Nii Adumuah, Essence Howells, Verner di Donato, Gabriele Pavon, Gabby Fernandez signed at Little Big Door, Flavia Flaminia Imperato, Natalie Ambersley, Anna Mika. Photography by Rossella Damiani. An Italian photographer currently based in London. She portrays our perception of human bodies and features, working with different mediums influenced by contemporary culture and society. She works on personal and commissioned projects as a fashion photographer involving bodies, symmetry, and composition in the most natural way possible.

“Traces aims to explore our surface, emphasising the particularity of the signs or traces on our skin from birth or developed later. This series represents a turning point in the perception of my skin after a fungal infection on my face.
It shows up with circular white spots, which changes over time, multiplying or expanding. I got used to seeing it on my face, so much that after it was gone, I almost missed it.

This led me to ask myself several questions about our identity; Do freckles, pigmentation, wrinkles, scars, moles, stretch marks, and other signs define our personality? Does their aesthetic value condition us, or do we consider them an integral part of our person? What is considered aesthetically pleasing in the eyes of the society in which we live?
The distance between the subject and the lens is reduced to a minimum to obtain a more intimate relationship and dialogue.

Traces talks about beauty, acceptance, and identity, depicting friends and people who live together with their signs, each telling their own story.” *Rossella Damiani

Photography by Rossella Damiani / / Instagram: @rosselladmn
Models are Paula Barbato / Instagram: @paula_barbato
Essence Howells / Instagram: @essence.shomari.model
Nii Adumuah / Instagram: @nii_adumuah_
Verner di Donato
Gabriele Pavon / Instagram: @gabriele.pavon
Gabby Fernandez signed at Little Big Door / Instagram: @gabsfrnandz
Flavia Flaminia Imperato / Instagram: @flalaflame
Natalie Ambersley / Instagram: @being_just_us
Anna Mika / Instagram: @mikanetic