Track by Track: Akemi Fox

With today marking the release of Akemi Fox’s 5-track EP Colour You In, we asked the dreamy R&B artist to take us through the highly anticipated debut, track by track. Featuring recent singles including her dial moving release ‘Lemon Tea’ in early 2020 that was supported by Tidal on their Rising R&B playlist, by Jamz Supernova on 1Xtra and streamed 300K+ times, and most recently ‘Your Love’ which has been given the nod by i-D, The Independent, Fred Perry and more, this incredible project record over lockdown is a mellow and seductive diary entry like listen that sees Akemi explore love – inspired by her own life and experiences and those of her friends.

‘Colour You In’
“My EP ‘Colour You In’ is named after the song Lemon Tea. It’s funny these are some lyrics I wrote when I was 16 (I am nearly 22 now), I was falling asleep and these lyrics just came to me. I have always been proud of them and I said to myself I must use these lyrics at some point in my career. They just really made sense on Lemon Tea. I used to keep a diary throughout my teen years, I would always beg for a boyfriend or complain about school but most importantly I would write down my lyrics or poems. I liked to document everything I did back in the day, I miss it, I must start doing that again.”

“The first track on the EP is called ‘Summertime’ this one was a little bit different for me because it features a kind of breakdown in the middle of the song. The hook just came to me be during the lockdown, I was battling uni work and still trying to be creative. I was kinda struggling with writing new things but I got this beat from Teo and I blurted his hook out straight away, I made it into a little Instagram video and now it’s a song. The story behind this is the sort of battle with wondering you want to be your own or with your crush.” 

‘So High'”
The second song on the EP is called ‘So High’ which is a sort of interlude on the project. This was another song that I wrote a while ago in Summer 2019, I desperately wanted this to fit on all my songs and I would sing the lyrics on every new beat to see if it fit. ‘So High’ is up for interpretation you can be ‘high’ on love and ‘you can’t make up your mind’ however, there is some strength there that you believe you can both ‘you know we will make it through’. This was recording in Teo’s bedroom studio, it was night time, very chill, and reflects the mood of the song.”

‘Onto Something’
“The third track on the EP is called ‘Onto Something’. This is the song I co-wrote with my fabulous producer Teo. I never usually accept anyone’s input when it comes to songwriting but I’m so glad I did this time. The songs all about ‘I’d rather be with you’ the realisation that you want to be with that person. This was recorded in Teo’s home studio again a very relaxed vibe that I think translate through this whole project.”

‘Lemon Tea’
“A song based on a Lemon Tea carton and reminiscing how it feels to fall in love. I never usually am inspired by an object but I thought this would be so fun if I could make it into a song. I was in Teo’s Uni room/studio in January this year and we got this recording in one sitting. I love this one it celebrates that person and describes them as being their ‘Lemon Tea’ and that ‘they’re all in I need in me’.” 

‘Your Love’
“I wanted to express how quickly and confusing it is when you fall in love with someone. I thought it was crazy how well you get to know another person, so I made that feeling into a song. This one features again a bit of breakdown which I love and I thought was a bit different because Teo and I don’t tend to do that. This one is gonna make you think about your love, even if you don’t have one.”