Track by Track: Effy

The unstoppable Effy unveils her highly anticipated debut EP Not What It Seems. A four-track smash of genre-fusing flavours including her high octane, acid-driven techno singles “Run It” with Mall Grab and “Not Yours”, the EP also includes two new unheard singles; “Trip To Reality” establishing her sound with grittier club productions, alongside more euphoric and emotive downtempo offerings as heard on “Vexed”. We asked the London-based producer and DJ to take us through her debut EP, track by track.

“Looking back and listening to this track is actually wild. It’s such an aggy aggressive tune, but at the time I didn’t think it was at all. When I played it to my friends their reaction was like… ‘you ok hun?’. Turns out I wasn’t! I wasn’t in the best of head spaces at the time. I think if anyone were to go through my catalogue you can tell what mood I was in when making it, my music is very transparent.” 

“This was so much fun to make. Me and Jordon just ate some noodles and then I showed him this sample I’d cut up and just didn’t know what to do with it. Sometimes we give each other stems if we can’t do anything with them. He wrote some dope drums and bass to it and then it all kinda happened so fast. I wrote a quick acid line and then we finished it in about an hour. When we heard the finished product we were like.. oh damn, we should release this! Shout out to Bunbunbun Vietnamese in Hackney for giving us those creative noodles lol.”

“I wrote this one at the very end of the pandemic. The title plays on an acid ‘trip’ to a normal world which we all craved so much. I played this track at my debut at The Warehouse Project in Manchester. Growing up near Manchester gives WHP the title as my favourite show to play because of what it means to me. So yeh this tune will always be special to me because of that moment and where it was first ever played.” 

“I wrote this during the pandemic. When I was knee-deep in banana bread and tears. You can tell it’s a bit more emotional and there’s a lot of space to breathe. I think we were all struggling during this time, and for me, I hadn’t developed myself as an artist yet; I hadn’t worked out my style as a producer and was pretty clueless. So this track you can hear me still trying to find my sound. Good times!”

Effy 2022 Tour Dates
4 June – Forbidden Fruit, Dublin
11 June – Parklife Festival, Manchester
12 June – Plissken Festival, Athens
17 June – Input, Barcelona
18 June – Junction 2 Festival, London
3 July – Hideout Festival, Croatia
15 July  – Beatherder Festival, Lancashire
22 July – Secret Garden Party
29 July – Amnesia, Ibiza
8 August – Amnesia, Ibiza
20 August – Escape Festival

Feature image by @amypeskett

Not What It Seems is out now: