Track by Track: YALI BLANK

Israeli singer-songwriter, pianist and producer Yael Blankstein, aka YALI BLANK, presents her debut EP “Why Do Flowers Mean Love?” – a curious combination of ethereal melodies, broken beats, and soft vocals. BLANK began writing songs at a young age while still leaning in a conservatory for classical piano. She performs as a “one girl band” with a varied electronic set-up, which includes keyboards, synthesizers, and effect devices. The four-track EP is combining influences from classical music, jazz and electro-pop. “Creating a cohesive finished product that unifies my songs was very important to me. she explains, “I wanted to give the listener a taste of several angles of my musical world.” YALI BLANK takes us through “Why Do Flowers Mean Love?” in detail with our Track by Track feature.

1. Black Skies

“The song that opens the EP is called ‘Black Skies’. It has a curious experimental atmosphere and relates with the rest of the EP. It’s minimalism and depth – both in words and in production – is why I’m especially fond of it. The single is accompanied by a full 3D music video that creates a universe of threatening smoke while I’m surrounded by my instruments.”

2. Slow Dance

“‘Slow Dance’ is about emotional dependency – when you feel an emptiness inside that you expect someone to fill. It describes the high and lows of a relationship and the euphoric feeling of being loved. The track was created to describe the feelings that I had during relationships in my life. I always incorporate my personal life into music and feel that writing comes from a real place as it describes my experiences.”

3. Keep Me Sane

“’Keep Me Sane’ is about the constant search for stability. The song is accompanied by a music video that begins in my room, a place where I am most comfortable working, surrounded by my instruments. Throughout the song, a dynamic between me and a mysterious hand is displayed as I move through my imagination outside the room. The hand is an expression of inner conflict that describes in the lyrics – a phenomenon that blocks and disrupts my decisions, but also helps me maintain my sanity.”

4. Why Do Flowers Mean Love?

“‘Why Do Flowers Mean Love’,the last instrumental track of the EP is very special to me. An audio-driven collage of effects, glitches, artifacts and distortions reflect on my background story and feelings. The glitch itself is the effect nature brings back to the digital perfection, forcing small errors and imperfections on all streams of data around us. I hope that it conveys the message and feelings that I was trying to get across when I created it.

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