Track Premiere: AYAKO – Something About You

I am in LOVE with AYAKO’S new single “Something About You”! The song is about the night she fell into the mystery of a man. The syncopated bass and heartbeat drum groove evoked this memory. A masterpiece! The video for the song will be out soon! 

Through her lyrics, AYAKO explores the emotions and thoughts around the cosmic connection and lust between two strangers. Producer, SEROW echoes the tension and mystery with the rise and fall of the rhythm section while layering the lush synth lines that grow, as the plot thickens.

AYAKO is on a mission to represent Japan on a global scale through sonic and visual storytelling that beautifully melds her musical and cultural influences. She was born and raised in Tokyo with musical influences ranging from Utada Hikaru, J-Pop artist, to Alicia Keys.

Singing in both English and Japanese, AYAKO has developed an eclectic sound tied together by her haunting vocals and captivating melodies with genre-bending production. Everything from her visual content and fashion to her attitude is rooted in her authentic desire to push boundaries and inspire others to do the same.

PHOTO: Keith Oshiro
ARTWORK: Matt Ossentjuk