Track Premiere: Baran Kok – Herr Officer

Beneath the watchful eye of the establishment, Baran Kok emerges uncatchable – a renegade artist to the core, his debut single “Mr. Officer” boldly declares the essence of his existence as a queer Kurd charting his course through Berlin’s untamed streets, unapologetically seizing his truth. The narrative heart of this anthem? Baran himself. Simultaneously, “Mr. Officer” rings out as a siren’s call to the youth, to embody authenticity, and dive headfirst into the hedonistic embrace of the night, all while laughing in the face of conformity.

photos by @max.heeb
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Born into the fabric of a refugee tale in scenic Freiburg im Breisgau in ’99, Baran’s tale is one of self-liberation, escaping to Berlin three winters past, a soul in search of acceptance. The magnetic pull of the DJ decks became his refuge, swiftly catapulting him into Berlin’s vibrant musical tapestry. Cutting through the underground, his spins and tracks, especially the pulsating remix of “SOS” by Domiziana & Blümchen, captured streams in the six figures. Sharing stages with Domiziana, Kok lit up the behemoth platforms of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, his infectious charisma fueling the energy of iconic festivals – Frauenfeld Open Air, Splash!, Hurricane, and Southside.

In the tempo of his skyrocketing trajectory, Baran’s song-smithing prowess moulds his raw experiences into lyrical gold, crowning him a luminary on the German music front.