Track Premiere: Bianca Oblivion x Eliza Legzinda – ‘EZ 4 Me’

Riding high from the success of her 2-track release and off the back of a UK/EU tour – Bianca Oblivion returns to Future Bounce with a vocal version of ‘EZ 4 Me’. The initial release earlier this year, which included a dub version of ‘EZ 4 Me’, garnered support from the likes of Mixmag, Mary Anne Hobbs, DJ Target, DJ Mag, and more.

On vocal duties is Eliza Legzdina, a multifaceted Latvian artist who has become one of the world’s most streamed artists of her background. Legzdina is a singer, songwriter, rapper, poet, and performance artist who grew up in London’s underground club scene and her pursuit of music is about bringing the audacity of rap, the melancholic narrative opera to her listeners as a source of inspiration.

“In the summer of 2021, Eliza reached out to me on Instagram and said she really loved my music,” says Bianca. “We got to chatting more and when I told her I was coming to visit London in August, we made plans to meet up. I invited her onto my NTS show and we had a great connection, which we then took to the studio. After hearing Eliza’s songs and vocal style, I was inspired to make something with a bloghouse vibe. The Hervé remix of Larry Tee & Princess Superstar’s ‘Licky’ was a hugely influential tune when I first started DJing and this project became a sort of homage to that era. I think a lot of current dance music, particularly in the house sphere, takes itself very seriously, but we wanted to make something a bit more tongue in cheek, something sassy you could just have fun with and sing along to. I’m always experimenting with different genres, but with this song in particular it feels like I’m entering new territory, and I’m really excited to see how it’s received.”

A true connector of the global club underground, Bianca Oblivion has been continuously drawing lines between US & UK bass music from Los Angeles CA. From her training as a dancer and her involvement in the west coast club scene, Bianca is no stranger to dance music.

Eliza Legzdina

“The tune to me is all about gassing yourself up, knowing you walk into a space and send waves over other people–you meddle with the frequency,” explains Eliza. “It’s important to recognise your own power and your vibe and your energy, which I compare to that of an aquatic deity, “I AM Neptune” and you will know “I’m the biggest deal in the room.” The crux of the song, “You make it EZ for me to steal the show” is a recognition of how simple it is to step into your confidence and be the flyest in the room.”

Creating with other women is so important, and I have loved every step of this creative journey with Bianca. It’s our time to recognise the woman as a powerhouse and all of her unbelievable abilities! I grew up on 90s raver sounds and this interpretation of ours will send heat out the speakers!

Legzdina has never hidden from expressing her views, the feminist and socially aware expression of her lyrics, authentic vulnerability and unapologetic expression of her sexuality allows her to connect with fans across the world, forming a special bond with women and members of the queer community.

Remix of “Odyssey Club”— the title track off the EP from French producer Pura Pura. Premieres Oct 31.

DJing with Machinedrum in LA Oct 28, kicking off his “+” event series, an all night B2B2B2B along with Chrome Sparks and Holly, with a performance by LV4. Secret DTLA location 

Nov 23 curating a room with Warp Mode for A Club Called Rhonda’s full club “Rhondavous” takeover of Catch One.

Eliza released her “Silver Linings EP” September 9th on 7Wallace